Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

App Payment issues

I like to buy PeakFinder without using a creditcard

iOS (iPhone): You can use a iTunes Gift Card or ask a friend to gift PeakFinder from his iTunes account.

Android: You can buy PeakFinder from Amazon. This store allows you to pay with or

App Installation issues

Android: Message 'Application license not found' appears

Please check if PeakFinder is listed under Sometimes the Google License Server seems to have a problem. Please try the following:
  • Deactivate WLan (WiFi)
  • Restart PeakFinder (also consider to restart your smartphone)
  • Activate Wlan (WiFi) again. Other users could solve this issue by this trick.
If this is not working for you I'll refund the money and you try it again: Support Request

Android: Installation of the App failed

Try to clear the Market cache. This usually solves installation problem on Android:
  • Menu Button
  • Settings
  • Applications
  • Manage Applications
  • Filter All
  • Select Market app, and then tap 'Clear data' and 'Clear cache'
  • Select Download manager and tap 'Clear data' and 'Clear cache'
If this is not working checkout the Android support page please.

Android: Can I move PeakFinder to the external SD-Card?

The PeakFinder app itself is just about 3MB. On most devices PeakFinder stores the elevation model automatically on the SD-Card (if there is any). On some devices this does not work. In this case you can change the path manually (I'll provide a better solution in future):
  • Stop PeakFinder
  • Use a file manager like 'ES file explorer' and navigate to /sdcard/org.peakfinder
  • Open the file config_earth.ini
  • Change the setting datapath to any path you like
  • Move the directory earth to this path
  • Now you can start PeakFinder again

App usage issues

The panoramic view does not move into the direction the device is heading

The compass must be activated. Touch the compass button top right. The compass will be deactivated when you select a new viewpoint.

PeakFinder is heading to the wrong direction

To obtain the correct direction PeakFinder uses the compass sensor of your device. This sensor is not very precise and sensitive to magnetic fields. To get a better result move from any disturbance source. Additionally you can calibrate the compass by rotating the device with activated compass around every axis (see this youtube movie).

The compass is not working on my iPhone

Make sure that under ‘Settings->Location-Services->System Services (scroll down)’ the Setting ‘Compass Calibration’ is On.

General issues

Why is there no 'Augmented Reality'?

‚Augmented Reality’ Apps use the camera, the acceleration- and magnetic sensor of the smartphone. These Apps overlay additional information to the camera picture. E.g. you could show the names of the peaks when you head your device in the direction of a mountain range. The problem is that the magnetic sensor has usually a bad accuracy (+/- 20° is quite common) and the camera has a very wide angle (70°). These factors give unsatisfying results. For this reason this function won’t be added to PeakFinder in the next time.

I miss one or several peaks

PeakFinder uses the peak data mainly from (OSM). is the Wikipedia of online maps. Everyone can add missing data this this project. The following page describes how to add new peaks: Adding peaks.
It takes about 10-15 days until the data will be available in PeakFinder.

How can I embed PeakFinder on my website?

You'll find extended information on the page API.