PeakFinder App Manual


PeakFinder shows a 360° panoramic view from an arbitrary viewpoint of your choice. To render the panoramic views PeakFinder uses an elevation model that is integrated into the App. A database with a peak directory is included as well. For these reasons PeakFinder does not need an online connection for rendering the panoramic view and works completely offline from anywhere in the mountains.

Main Screen

After startup PeakFinder shows the panoramic view from the last visited viewpoint. The peak names are displayed in the upper third part of the screen. The mountain silhouettes will be shown on the rest of the screen.

Navigation possibilities

Scrolling The panoramic view can be moved with one finger into any direction. Make sure that the horizon is in the middle of the screen in order to see the peak names. If a peak is too far up in the top part of the screen its peak name disappears. Note: Deactivate the compass for manual scrolling.
Zooming Use the well known two-finger gesture to zoom-in and -out. On Nokia devices use ‘+’ and ‘-’. If you zoom-in you can see more peak names.


Current location
Press the GPS button bottom right to see the panoramic mountain view from your current location.
Activate compass
If you hold your device upright, the panorama is automatically aligned with the direction of the compass.
Deactivate compass
If you hold your device horizontal, you can manually adjust the panorama by using touch gestures.
Calibrate compass
If the panoramic view shudders or is not pointing in the correct direction, you can calibrate the compass. To do this, wave the smartphone several times in a figure of an 8-shape.
Touch mountain name
Touching a mountain name brings up additional information about this peak. If you then press on the bird, you can 'fly' on this mountain.
If you tap on the middle of the display, a 'telescope' appears. With this, you can also identify less prominent mountains.
Fly up
By touching the arrows on the left you can fly vertically up and down. Doing this you can see what is hidden behind the mountain range.
Viewpoint selection
Via the menu option 'Viewpoint selection' you can discover any mountain landscape from a random location in the world.
Visible peaks
Via the menu option 'Visible peaks' you will receive a list of all mountains visible from your current location. PeakFinder will also show you where this mountain is located.
Via the menu option 'Coverage' you can install or remove additional areas from other mountain regions.

Digital binoculars

Not all peak names can be displayed because the space for the displayed peak names is limited. PeakFinder shows the most prominent peaks first. Other peak names can be displayed with the use of the ‘digital binoculars’:

The ‘digital binoculars’ can be displayed by tapping once on the silhouette lines of the panoramic view. The red dots mark the peak names. Simply move the ‘digital binoculars’ to a red dot and you’ll see the peak information in the popup. To close the ‘digital binoculars’ tap once outside of the binoculars.