Application programming interface

PeakFinder provides a simple interface that allows you to create a link to a certain viewpoint or to embed PeakFinder directly on your homepage as an iFrame.

PeakFinder URL Format

The following link opens the PeakFinder website with the given viewpoint:

The following links opens the PeakFinder app with the given viewpoint on your iOS or Android device:


Additionally to the required parameters lat and lng you can add the following arguments:

Key Argument Description
lat Latitude (required) Float value, Wgs84 Format (lat=42.8612)
lng Longitude (required) Float value, Wgs84 Format (lng=-72.1092)
name Name of the viewpoint (optional) Text (name=Monadnock%20Mountain), replace spaces with %20
ele Elevation (optional) Integer (ele=941)
off Elevation offset (optional) Integer (off=100)
azi Azimuth (optional) Float 0.0 .. 360.0 (azi=90.0)
alt Altitude (optional) Integer -25.0 .. 25.0 (alt=0.0)
fov Field of view (optional) Integer 8 .. 90.0 (fov=45.0)
teleazi & telealt Azimuth and altitude for displaying the telescope (optional, but both values are required) Floats 0..360 (teleazi=90.5&telealt=4.5)

Embedding PeakFinder to a homepage (iFrame)

With the following code you can embed PeakFinder directly to your homepage. Here you find a sample page.

<iframe src="" 
    frameBorder="0" width="100%" height="570" name="peakfinder">
<p>Your Browser do not support iFrames.</p>